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Ideal Roofing's Supreme Interior Liner is available as a vital part of the insulated "sandwich wall system". Sharp-looking, clean and attractive from the inside of the building, the Supreme Interior Liner comes with a factory caulked overlap making the panel an effective air and vapour barrier.

Supreme Detail

Notched "Z" bar fixations with pre-punched holes, "U" channels, fasteners, trims and all required components of the "sandwich wall system" are also available from Ideal Roofing.

Supreme Detail

Supreme Interior Liner
(No Stiffener Ribs)

Supreme Detail

Supreme Interior Liner
(With Stiffener Ribs)

To reduce occasional oil-canning in our Supreme Interior Liner, we have added stiffener ribs, as standard, in thicknesses .021" (26 ga), .026" (24 ga) & .032 (22 ga).

You still have the choice to order this liner without these stiffener ribs for an extension or an existing building or other considerations, but you must specify it on your order (without stiffener ribs).

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Supreme Panel Supreme Panel


Supreme Diagram
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