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Ideal Roofing’s GalantaTM hidden fastener interlocking steel siding is designed to protect your home or business against harsh weather while enhancing curb appeal and adding to the value of your property.

Manufactured in panels covering 6 ¼ in. by 12 ft, they are packaged in boxes of 8 (50 sq. ft per box) and available in a shaded wood grain, regular wood grains and solid colours for vertical or horizontal installation.

Galanta Overlap

With its concealed and perforated fastening strip, this hidden fastener siding is easy to install and notched at the ends to allow end-to-end overlapping. Our GalantaTM steel siding is also embossed with an attractive wood grain pattern that makes the flat part of the panel more rigid and prevents oil canning.

Galanta Perforated
Galanta<sup>TM</sup>Galanta<sup>TM</sup> Click to Zoom


Galanta<sup>TM</sup> Diagram
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